Kaufman County Child Welfare Board president Courtney Wortham accepts donated items from DFW RIMS volunteer Danny Downs for the CPS Rainbow Room.

The Rainbow Room, located at the Child Protective Services office in Kaufman, received a generous donation from the DFW Risk Management Society (RIMS) last month. 

In early March, Kaufman County Child Welfare Board president Courtney Wortham was contacted by RIMS volunteers Danny Downs about a possible donation to the Rainbow Room. In Downs’ words, the organization wanted “to bless Kaufman County.” 

Wortham began to compile a list of the items the room needed in order to better supply and serve children removed from homes and relocated. Needed items include diapers, car seats, blankets, baby gates, diaper bags, burp cloths, and more. Wortham said she was was blown away when Downs, and RIMS, purchased and donated every item on the list.

“We are so thankful to Danny and [RIMS] for this donation,” Wortham said. “This type of donation is beyond something we could ever have imagined. I’m very thankful to [Danny] and the organization for what they’ve done for us.”

The Rainbow Room serves families who are trying to keep possession of their children by supplying them with essential needs for safety and care. 

“We want to support these families, but we need the resources to do so,” said Wortham. “This large donation allows us to really address the need of many children and families in our community.” 

The Kaufman County Child Welfare Board wants to raise awareness of the every day need in Kaufman County for children in need of essential items. Donations are always welcome and appreciated from residents of Kaufman County. 

“Everyone knows kids are expensive,” said Wortham. “We want to give any help that we can to our families in order for them to provide a safe, stable, and loving home to these kids in the community.” 

DFW RIMS is among the largest active chapters in the world, making global and local differences regarding the importance of risk management.

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