Kaufman County Commissioners unanimously passed a resolution last week in court supporting local control relating to the COVID-19 pandemic safety measures. Commissioners also encourage all residents to get vaccinated. 

The resolution states that Kaufman County fully supports all local entities, school districts, and cities within the county to make independent determinations of what is best for the people they serve, including students. 

“We strongly encourage all residents to do their part and get vaccinated for COVID-19 to help protect themselves and others and to help contain the spread of this pandemic,” said County Judge Hal Richards. “We will continue to closely monitor the increase of hospitalizations as reported through state and local health professionals and will support recommendations made by the Centers for Disease Control in an effort to keep our residents informed of the trends.” 

The resolution states that Kaufman County will follow the orders set forth by Gov. Greg Abbott and will encourage local entities, cities, and school districts to determine their own levels of safety measures against the virus according to what is best for the people they serve.  

“We do not want to go backwards,” said Judge Richards. “We have vaccinated  over 35,000 Kaufman County residents and will continue to make that process as simple as possible for those who have not yet been vaccinated.” 

A copy of the resolution can be seen on the county website at www.kaufmancounty.net

Although the Hub location is now closed, anyone wanting their first vaccine, or those who are due for second doses may go to the Fire Department Administration Office at the Terrell Municipal Airport Terminal, located at 400 East British Flying School Boulevard  between 8 a.m. and noon on Wednesdays. A new link has been posted on the Kaufman County website at www.kaufmancounty.net and on the City of Terrell website at www.cityofterrell.org that will allow people to schedule an appointment. Bulk vaccination opportunities for major employers, churches, or partner agencies can be scheduled on an as-needed basis through the Terrell Fire Department.

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