City officials and others celebrate the groundbreaking for Combine’s new municipal building scheduled to be finished by Oct. Pictured left to right: Cecil Hutson, Jessica Coker, Brenda Loyd, Tonya Ratcliff, Larry Settles, Jack Gilbert, Tim Ratcliff, Dana Daniel, Jerry Koller, Kelley Daniel, and Jerry Daniel. 

Officials of the City of Combine broke ground for a new Municipal Complex on Saturday, Jan. 9. 

They are eagerly awaiting the completion of the brand new complex, scheduled to open in October. 

“We are grateful for the time and effort that so many people have put into making this happen,” stated Combine Mayor Tim Ratcliff. “When finished, Combine will occupy for the first time in its history a new, modern city hall and police headquarters.” The complex will also feature a helipad. The city wanted to thank those who made this project possible. Resident Jerry Daniel, along with his family, donated the land where the facility will belocated. 

“None of this would be possible without the generous donation of the land tothe city by Jerry Daniel and his family,” Ratcliff said. Several Combine residents attended Saturday's event, including current City Council members Brenda Loyd, Cecil Hutson, Tonya Ratcliff, and Jessica Coker. 

Former council members attending were Sharron Carrier, Del MacLaren and Konni Hughes. 

Others in attendance were City Secretary Robin Price, members of the Combine Police Department, members of the Combine Volunteer Fire Department, Combine Presiding Judge Hyattye Simmons, Kaufman County Commissioner Ken Cates, members of the Koller family and the Daniels family.

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