Pictured left to right: Alicia Thurston, Nash Elementary School; Kara Holley, Phillips Elementary School; Gavin Eastep, Kaufman High School; Maegan McNeely, Norman Junior High; Cindy Fowler, Gary Campbell High School; and Kathy Allen, Monday Elementary School. 

National Principals Month honors principals across the country for their dedication. The month of October provides an opportunity to thank them forall they’ve done.

Seven schools make up Kaufman ISD. Each one of them have a principal at the helm who is making significant impact on the success and well-beingof Kaufman students. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020 springand fall semesters have presented KISD principals with many challenges. “The biggest challenge was not having physical contact with the kids every single day,” said Alicia Thurston, principal of Nash Elementary School. “School has a sound. When you’re digital, you don’t get that part.” The absence of in-person learning from mid-march through August was missed dearly by principals. “The kids are why I’m here,” stated Kara Holley, principal of Phillips Elementary School.

In addition to the absence of on-campus learning, campus leadership have been presented with education and safety hurdles. “The most challenging thing has been finding the balance between making sure we are providing the level of education we need, to both online and in-person students, whilealso keeping them safe,” stated Gavin Eastep, Kaufman High School principal. In many ways, two school years are running simultaneously. Appropriate educating and safety for students are top priority throughout this year.

KISD principals recognize the toll this year has taken on parents as well. “Thank you for trusting us with your kids,” said Holley.

National Principals Month serves to shine the spotlight on those who labor tirelessly to ensure great education and success for each student. The organization aims to inform local, state, and federal government of the reality principals face and garner support. National Principals Month is recognized by the U.S. Senate and the House of Representatives.

A special thanks to Kaufman ISD principals Gavin Eastep (Kaufman High School), Cindy Fowler (Gary Campbell High School), Maegan McNeely (Norman Junior High School), Kathy Allen (Monday Elementary School), Kara Holley (Phillips Elementary School), Alicia Thurston (Nash ElementarySchool), and Melanie Bowers (Helen Edwards Early Childhood Center) for their dedication to Kaufman ISD students through such difficult times.

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