Kaufman Independent School District has announced that it will adhere to the newest Texas Education Agency guidance regarding face coverings and social distancing. 

This development took place after Gov. Greg Abbott’s removal of the state-wide mask mandate. The Texas Education Agency (TEA) responded to the governor’s order by updating guidance for public schools. 

The new guidelines state that every student, teacher, and staff members shall wear a mask over the nose and mouth while inside a school building, school facility, facilities used for school activities, or when in an outdoor space on school property. 

The guidance also applies to adult visitors in a school facility or school event. 

Parents in the district have expressed pleasure in the decision.

“I appreciate them still wearing masks,” said KHS and Nash Elementary parent Stacey Edwards. “My husband is high risk and this will continue to help protect our family as much as possible.”

Others have the elderly community in mind while continuing to navigate the twists and turns of the pandemic.

“We are still several weeks away from our at risk and older population being fully vaccinated,” stated KHS parent Jason Thurston. “The safer we can be with our kids and teenagers in helping to not spread the virus to older family members is simply smart and responsible at this point.” 

The district continues to place top priority on safety for staff and students along with staying on track with in-person and remote instruction.

“We will move forward with the rest of the year trusting the guidelines that we believe have helped our students and staff to stay safe and healthy as possible,” stated Kaufman ISD’s Facebook post. 

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