Mesiah Nimo celebrates his victorious win against his opponent inside the boxing ring. 

Mesiah “The Prophet” Nimo, 14, a former resident of Kaufman, brought home gold in boxing at the Junior Olympics in Lubbock. 

Nimo went to Lubbock to fight in the Junior Olympics nationals, at 114 intermediate (13/14), to fight the  best in the nation   to represent Dallas. 

He attended the Junior Olympics three times previously. He lost once in the semifinals, and lost another one in the finals to bring back silver. Coming back with the gold medal is an honor. 

Nimo will be fighting in December at the age of 14 but fighting in the 15-16 age group to qualify for the international overseas. 

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Nimo is a star student and athlete. He is an A, B honor roll student and a hardworking athlete. However, boxing doesn’t always come easy to Nimo. He works out at 6 a.m., attends school, plays football/basketball on the school team, and ends his day with boxing practice from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. 

At the young age of nine, Nimo learned that hard work pays off. He lost his first fight at nine years old and didn’t understand the defeat. He returned a month later with hard work and dedication to beat the same kid he lost to. Mother Jocelin Smith said, “he devotes passion and work ethic in every sport.” 

The Kaufman Herald would like to congradulate Mesiah and wish him good luck in his upcoming competitions.

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