On Oct. 17 around 2 a.m. the Kaufman County Sheriff Deputies were patrolling on Interstate Highway 20 when the deputies saw a freight liner truck with no trailer traveling west bound. On the side of the truck was “Dilme Express Inc.” matching the description of a truck that was being tracked live via GPS from Shreveport, Louisiana and was found to be stolen. 

KCSO deputies moved in behind the truck and turned on their lights and siren to conduct a traffic stop. The driver of the truck stopped, and the deputies attempted to contact the driver by telling him to exit the cab of the truck. The driver of the truck disregarded the deputies put the truck in gear and began down the highway running from the deputies. 

While in pursuit heading towards Terrell, Terrell PD assisted in attempting to spike the truck tires but were unsuccessful in their attempt. The driver of the truck continued through Terrell and into Forney where Forney PD assisted in the pursuit. Forney PD positioned themselves to spike the tires of the truck and were successful in their attempt slowing the truck down, disabling one tire on the truck. The driver of the truck continued fleeing entering Dallas County at which time Sunnyvale PD and Dallas County Sheriff’s deputies entered the pursuit. DCS deputies successfully spiked the truck tires at two different locations causing enough damage to slow the truck down even more, but the pursuit was not over. The truck continued to travel down the road into Carrollton. The Department of Public Safety was also assisting in the pursuit from the air and advised the deputies that the truck exited off the freeway and was coming to a stop. Once the vehicle came to a stop, the driver of the truck gave up and was arrested. There were no injuries during the pursuit.

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