Texas Master Gardeners are ready to help readers with their gardens

Is having the yard of the month your secret ambition? Are you jealous of the neighbor’s glorious roses or wish you could grow bushels of tomatoes?

Help, a lot if it, is available from Master Gardeners, the most useful resource you’ve never heard of.

Almost 50 local Master Gardener volunteers are ready to help. They will research your gardening questions, providing research-based solutions to your problems. Master Gardeners are part of the of Texas A&M University Extension Service. The volunteers receive 50 hours of training by horticultural experts, many with decades of research at A&M, then must earn continuing education hours each year.

Mostly they are folks who like to dig in the dirt and grow things. They want to share what they’ve learned over the years with other gardeners, or just would-be gardeners.

They can answer individual questions like what flowers will grow best in my yard or what’s the favorite tomato for this area. Or they can direct you to years of research on the best way to maintain your lawn and get rid of pests.

While they do have extensive personal gardening knowledge, all their answers are based on research at A&M or other universities.

Master Gardeners are easy to find. You can ask questions by calling the Kaufman County Extension Office at (972) 932-9069, visiting the website at www.kcmga.org or find us on Facebook at Kaufman County Master Gardeners – Texas A&M Agrilife Extension.

The MGs set up at booths at local events to help with on-the-spot advice. Come by, say hi and chat about what you want to grow.

The group sponsors seminars each year focusing on particular gardening projects.

And in the spring, right at planting time, they hold a popular plant sale.

The MGs also publish a calendar each year with month-by-month gardening information. Copies are available at the extension office, 2471 N. State Highway 34, Kaufman. There’s also a Garden Learning Center by the Kaufman County south campus, 3001 S. Washington Street and a demonstration garden next door at the Kaufman County Poor Farm, 3948 S. Houston Street across from the high school.

Wish some of these folks could share with your civic or church group? There’s a speakers bureau that offers presentations on everything from container gardening, to rainwater harvesting, to bees and identifying common bugs and getting rid of them if you need to. (Some insects are beneficial, and Master Gardeners can help you know which is which.)

With some work and a little help from the Master Gardeners you can achieve that outstanding garden. And enjoy doing it.

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