Crandall Chief of Police, Dean Winters, shares information on the department's newly implemented FACT Duty weapon-mounted camera technology. 

Crandall Police Department held a recent news conference to introduce its newly deployed FACT Duty weapon-mounted camera. Crandall Police Department is one of the first in the state to possess this highly advanced equipment.

The FACT Duty weapon-mounted camera records footage when the gun is drawn from its holster. The greatest benefit to this piece of equipment is that it has an unobstructed view when the officer is in shooting position. The weapon-mounted camera is inexpensive and easy to manage. The camera provides an extra sense of accountability and protection to officers., according to the CPD.

This equipment puts CPD on the cutting edge of technology in the law enforcement field. 

“Although the Crandall Police Department is a small agency, we have always tried to beon the forefront in the use of technology in day-to-day operations,” said Chief Dean Winters. “Crandall was the first agency in Kaufman County to have officers wearing body cameras, long before anyone really understood the reasons why they were needed.But for us, not only was it a way to capture evidence in the field, we felt it added a layer of transparency to our department.Now that our officers are utilizing Viridian’s FACT Duty Weapon Mounted Camera, we want the community that we serve to know that their trust and our transparency is paramount, and to show how important itis to us, we are honored to take the extra steps that modern policing requires by adopting the use of the camera system into our department."

The department unveiled the technology on Nov. 18.

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