The Kaufman High School Leo Club is in the midst of a 100-day campaign titled "Hope Handoff." The campaign is aiming to bring communities together and recognize efforts of those who have worked hard during this difficult year. The campaign is set to run through the final 100 days of the year.

On Oct. 2, students of the club delivered snacks to the children and Kaufman County Children’s Shelter. The same day, students recognized Kaufman High School’s custodial staff by providing them with snacks and drinks as a thank you. Leo Club students have taken this concept and owned it as their own. “Kids were really thoughtful when they suggested doing something for teachers,” explained Denise Darnell, Leo Club co-sponsor. “So they are brining a drink and candy bar or snack to give to teachers and thank them for their hard work this year.” Additionally, students provided donuts for district bus drivers during School Bus Safety Week.

Club members are enjoying giving back. “Leo Club is a great way to help kids grow in their leadership skills and give back to their community,” said Club Member Marilyn Palacios. “It makes you feel good to recognize others for all their hard work. The Leo Club is a service club sponsored by the Kaufman Lions Club.

In order for students to be a part of Leo Club, they must be in good standing with gradesand discipline. If Leos are active in the club for the entire duration of high school, members may be eligible for scholarships. The club currently has 50 members.

The Kaufman High School Leo Club is under the leadership of co-sponsors Denise Darnell and Shellie Massengale. Club meetings take place the first Thursday of each month.

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