Eric Williams appeals for new trial

Donning a striped jumpsuit, Williams was escorted into the Dallas courtroom for his hearing on Monday.

Convicted killer Eric Williams, who murdered former Kaufman County prosecutor Mark Hasse and former D A Mike McLelland and his wife Cynthia in 2013, is seeking a new trial.

Williams, who was convicted with the murder of Cynthia McLelland, received the death penalty. But now, he’s arguing that his trial defense counsel was inadequate and that there was “prosecutorial misconduct” under which he includes a secret deal the prosecution made with this wife Kim. Kim, who worked with Williams to commit the murders, famously turned on him during his trial; now Williams is arguing that her testimony was a key factor in his conviction.

Public Defender John Wright, who was on Williams’ defense team during the 2014 trial, said that during the trial “we might’ve reviewed a quarter of the discovery. We couldn’t read it fast enough. We just were not prepared for trial.”

Attorney Lalon Peale who was on Kim’s defense team corroborated Williams’ claim that a deal between his team and the state was made during the trial. During a cross-examination, prosecutor Lisa Smith asked Peale “When did the state offer Mrs. Williams a deal?”

“Right after the Eric Williams trial,” Peale responded.

As of press time, the hearing remained ongoing at the Dallas County Courthouse. The judge reserved time for the hearing through the remainder of the week in the event that it is necessary.

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