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Kaufman Lions football and volleyball will be played at home this fall in front of about half of the usual number of fans.

Lions Stadium and the gym at Kaufman High School will have a lot fewer fans in the stands this fall.

Ticket sales will be reduced to half of the stadium and gym capacity, so that will be 981 tickets in the home section of the stadium, and 250 seats in the gym.

“That’s not many,” said Jeremy Burleson, the athletic director and head football coach. Families will be limited to three tickets per game.

Burleson and Denver Stone, the coordinator for girls’ activities, announced the changes Friday at a meeting of the Kaufman Lions Club.

While the changes will be tough on fans this fall, they are required to keep students and staff safe, Burleson noted.

Football players currently are practicing in neck gaiters to cover their mouths and noses, and all players also have a face shield on their helmets this year.

The marching band will perform at home games, but will not go on road trips this season, Burleson said.

All tickets will be sold online on a first-come basis, with three seats available for each purchase, with space in between and behind each group of three seats. The gymnasium will have 250 home seats this fall for volleyball, and possibly into winter for basketball, Stone noted.

Games will be livestreamed on the school’s YouTube channel, so fans at home can still watch the action, Burleson added.

With so few seats available this fall, Superintendent Lori Blaylock asked fans to consider leaving tickets for students and families this season. She noted that this is not an official district policy, just a request from her on behalf of the players’ families. The football team starts their season Aug. 20 at Kilgore, with their home opener on Aug. 28 against Lindale. Lions volleyball is already underway, with the next home game on Aug. 22 against Bullard.

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