Leadership Kaufman County aims to develop county residents into community leaders. The annual course helps graduates maximize their skills and passion to serve their communities.

Leadership Kaufman County (LKC) is part of the Kaufman County Leadership Council. Anne Glasscock, the CEO of the Kaufman Chamber of Commerce, oversees the program.

“The whole idea is to raise up the next group of volunteers for the county,” stated Glasscock. “There is a great need for volunteerism.” The course looks to open class members' eyes to ways they can serve the county through working with an organization, serving in city government, and more. “The idea is to introduce them to how the city works and get them more invested mentally in their community and discover where they fit in to serve,” added Glasscock.

LKC began its 2020-2021 course Sep. 24 with team-building. After completing orientation in late October, the class participated in Social Services Day, the first of ninetotal sessions. Class members are required to attend sessions one day a month in order to complete the program.

First Baptist Church of Kaufman played host to the Nov. 5 gathering. On this day, non-profits in Kaufman County presented for their respective organizations. Each representative shared how class members could serve in volunteer roles.

The class will work together to complete a class project before completing the program in April 2021. Class sessions for the rest of the year include government, economic development, education, law enforcement and first responders, state government, county government, medicine and healthcare, and transportation.

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