Kaufman County Commissioners Terry Barber, Precinct 3 and Ken Cates, Precinct 4 were honored on Oct. 13 for completion of a voluntary advanced course on county government titled Commissioners Court Advanced Curriculum.

The Commissioners received a Certificate of Achievement from the County Judges and Commissioners Association of Texas (CJCAT), sponsor of the Commissioners Court Advanced Curriculum Program, at the CJCAT Annual Conference in Round Rock conducted Oct. 11 through Oct. 14.

“When I was elected as Commissioner for Precinct 3, I took it very seriously,” said Commissioner Barber. “I made a commitment to myself, and my constituents, that I would do my best to improve the quality of life for all of our residents and this training gave me the insight I needed to make that happen.”

While state law requires 16 hours per year of continuing education for County Commissioners, the Commissioners Court Advanced Curriculum Program provides for certification upon completion of a comprehensive course of study as follows:

Phase I Orientation – 16-plus hours

Phase II Basics - 16 hours

Phase III Electives - 32 hours

“This certification process has allowed me to better understand the importance and commitment of serving as a County Commissioner,” said Ken Cates, Kaufman County Commissioner, Precinct 4. “The many hours of training helped prepare me to navigate areas of

County leadership that face us every single day and to more effectively assess, evaluate and manage the county’s operating budget. Our number one responsibility is to be good stewards of taxpayer dollars. I appreciate the opportunity it gave me to learn from and network with other commissioners and county judges throughout the state.”

The CJCAT, a statewide organization with more than 1,200 active members, promotes the interests of county government and provides the opportunity for statutorily required continuing education.

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