County commission approves replat of Meadow Ranch Estates

Some residents of Meadow Ranch Estates, who live on 10-acre lots, are not happy that one of those lots will be replatted, allowing the owner to place mobile homes on the lot.

But county commissioners said under current state law, they don’t have the authority to deny such changes.

They voted 4-0 on Jan. 28 to approve the replat.

“Counties have limited zoning authority,” said Ken Cates, the commissioner for Precinct 4, which includes the subdivision. The deed restrictions for the subdivision allow for a replat, according to county staff.

Three neighbors asked the commissioner to vote down the replat.

The worsening roads in the area can’t handle an increase in traffic, said Charlie Favors, who has lived in the neighborhood for 35 years.

“Please don’t take our country living away,” said Tammara Scott, another resident of the area.

In other action for the commission, John Polster, a transportation consultant for the county, updated the commission on road projects. In April, a $1.3 million project will start at the intersection of State Highway 243 between FM 2515 and FM 2727.

The project includes widening the intersections, adding turn lanes, and more roadside signs. The work is truly needed on that stretch of highway, said Commissioner Mike Hunt.

Polster reported work is continuing on FM 148, which is widening the road at a cost of $7.8 million. Work is slated to be completed in July. About a dozen other projects are in the planning process for roads throughout Kaufman County.

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