Terrell police are investigating the death of a man who was arrested Sunday evening and died while being transported to an area hospital.

Gary Wells, 42, of Terrell, reportedly died on his way to Lake Pointe Emergency Services of Forney.

Wells was arrested after Terrell police responded to a welfare call in the 1200 block of Moore Avenue. According to a police report, Wells was standing in the roadway at 4:21 a.m. wearing only a shirt and underwear.

“The male was behaving very strangely and was described as attempting to injure a small animal,” police said.

Wells was placed under arrest and the animal, a small dog, was impounded. Police determined that Wells was “under the influence of some type of drug or chemical” so an ambulance was called. EMS providers and a police officer began transporting Wells to Presbyterian Hospital of Kaumfan.

During his transport, police report that Wells began fighting with an ambulance attendant, leading to Wells being restrained.

Wells managed to break the restraints and was temporarily handcuffed.

“Moments later, the ambulance puled over at S.H. 34 and IH20, as the victim was in immediate distress,” the police said in their release.

CPR was performed on Wells and the ambulance attempted to take Wells to Lake Pointe, because it was closer.

Wells was pronounced dead by a physician upon arrival at 5:45 a.m. Kaufman County Precinct 2 Justice of the Peace, Patricia Ashcroft, has ordered an autopsy.

The incident is currently under investigation.

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