Kaufman County Day in the state capital is Monday, March 27.

And the Kaufman County Leadership Council will carry its legislative agenda to Austin lawmakers, one that has some differences with the platform of the state’s majority party and its state senator for this area, Bob Hall.

Headquarters hotel is the Stephen F. Austin, where a reception will be held Sunday evening, March 26 from 5-7.

Monday will begin with a legislative update breakfast at the hotel at 8 a.m. where issues will include transportation.

The group will head to the capitol to meet with elected representatives and take a group photo.

Leadership Kaufman County will be part of the delegation and has a separate luncheon planned.

Resolutions honoring the group are scheduled in the House and Senate chambers at 2 p.m.

Some members of the delegation will be staying over for a Texas Association of Business breakfast on Tuesday.

Attendance is expected to be more than 110.

The event is sponsored by chambers of commerce, cities and school districts in Kaufman County.

Legislative agenda

The Leadership Council has established the following legislative priorities:

KCLC opposes any legislation that limits local control of cities, counties and school districts.

KCLC opposes appraisal caps for cities, counties and school districts.

KCLC opposes unfunded state mandates for cities, counties and school districts.


KCLC supports the position that as long as each school district is held to the same standards, then each district should receive equal funding.

KCLC supports decreasing the number of state exams administered to elementary school students.

KCLC opposes any voucher (or similar) system that diverts money from independent school districts.

KCLC supports removing the debt limit for Texas schools, thus limiting the need to use capital appreciation bonds for school construction.

Economic Development

KCLC supports continuing the local option sales tax for economic development.

KCLC supports continued funding for the Texas Enterprise Fund and the Skills Development Fund.


KCLC supports efforts to increase funding for statewide transportation.

KCLC supports increased funding for rural transit.

KCLC supports ending all non-educational diversions of gas tax money away from transportation.

Municipal and County Government

KCLC supports legislation that would allow all revenue collected from fines, fees, and other similar sources to remain at the county level.

KCLC supports legislation that eliminates the need for county jails to be the chief provider of mental health services in a county.

KCLC supports legislation that requires the State to disperse dedicated funds collected for a specific need rather than use those funds to balance the State Budget.

KCLC supports legislation requiring the State of Texas reimburse Counties for all Indigent Defense Costs.


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