During last week’s meeting of the County Commissioners Court, the commissioners heard the extension office’s quarterly report, approved entering into an interlocal agreement between Kaufman County and Guadalupe County for the sale of three enduro plat cabinets, approved the donation of $5,000 from Terrell Sandpit to assist with improvements of County Road 243, approved entering into an interlocal agreement between Kaufman County and Cottonwood for road work projects, approved entering into an interlocal agreement with Cottonwood for County Road 4084 and 4083A in Precinct 4, approved the resolution for violence against women justice and training grant application for a family violent prosecutor in which the county will provide $86,059 in kind match while the grant provides $100,000, approved the award of contract for RFQ 19-10; consulting engineering services, gave Raylan Smith permission to solicit FB 19-11 for an annual contract for fuel, approved utilizing courthouse security funds in the amount of $12,371.18 to install security cameras at the Kaufman County Probation Center at 300 W. Mulberry St., and approved the purchase of one 2016 Dynapac CP1200 69” 9-wheel pneumatic roller in the amount of $49,800 from Bane Machinery.

for Precinct 4 utilizing a buyboard contract, accepted Kaufman County Sheriff Beavers’ monthly report for 2019, accepted the treasurer’s monthly report for February 2019, approved line item transfers and approved claims for payment.

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