Following last week’s massacre at a Florida high school, schools across the country and in Kaufman County have been dealing with the fall out.

Across the Metroplex numerous threats have been made via social media, and three students were discovered bringing guns onto school campuses.

Kaufman parents were alerted on Thursday night of the district’s stepped up effort in light of Information on social media.

“Kaufman ISD has been made aware of information circulating on social media regarding a potential threat to safety at KISD,” the district’s statement said. “As always, the safety of our students is a top priority, especially with the tragedy in Florida still heavy on our hearts. In light of the concern, Kaufman ISD will have increased police presence on campuses tomorrow. As always, if anyone has any specific information on a threat or any danger to student safety, please contact either KISD directly or your local law enforcement.”

The Kaufman police department also sent officers to assist.

On Friday, Superintendent Lori Blaylock posted a letter to parents outlining the district’s situation and policies.

“It is my deep desire that all of our students and their parents view our schools as safe places for learning and growing. Maintaining a positive learning environment can be difficult in this age of social media where everyone feels free to express their thoughts and opinions without factual knowledge of the situation.

“The following information is being shared to promote transparency and goodwill and stem the tide of misinformation. With regard to incidents occurring in the last two weeks:

“• No guns have been brought to any campus in Kaufman ISD.

• No credible threats have been made to or about any student on any campus in Kaufman ISD.

• Security was increased today in order to reassure students and parents that our schools are safe – not in response to any threats.

“The district takes threats against student safety very seriously. When a threat is made against the school or another student, the district immediately removes the student from the classroom setting. A Threat Assessment Team composed of a licensed professional counselor, a police officer, and two district administrators examine the facts, interview those involved, determine the level of threat (none, serious, very serious) and take appropriate interventions or disciplinary actions including counseling, in-school suspension, DAEP, expulsion and/or criminal charges.

“The district believes that we are partners with the parents of our students and that parents are entitled to know when their child’s name is involved in a possible threat. So, even if the Threat Assessment Team determines that a real threat does not exist, parents of the named students are notified. Our goal is to be thorough and transparent – no secrets, no sweeping under the rug, and no falling between the cracks.

“Due to privacy concerns the district is legally limited in its ability to publically respond to false information. Therefore, please contact your child’s principal with any safety concerns.  

“I consider it a blessing to be the superintendent of schools in Kaufman ISD. As always, thank you for sharing your children with us.”

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