Crandall ISD celebrates rating bump

Crandall ISD has increased its rating from the Texas Education Agency (TEA) by ten points from 78 to 88 from 2018 to 2019.

The TEA released its state accountability ratings last Thursday in which it rates each school district in the state on a letter grade basis. This is the second year that the TEA has evaluated schools and districts on such a basis. The ratings are measured by student performance on STAAR assessments, college, career and military readiness, and graduation rates. These accountability ratings are one of the data points Crandall ISD uses to identify targeted areas for academic improvement.

Two schools within the district, Crandall High School and Wilson Elementary School, received individual A ratings.

“We are so proud of the growth of our students,” Superintendent of Schools Wendy Eldredge said. “This is a testament to the hard work of all of our staff and the dedication of our students to work a little bit harder every day.”

Crandall ISD Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction Anjanette Murry is celebrating the district’s significant upgrade in accountability score.

“The focus of our teachers and their intentional practices of studying the data really paid off,” Murry said.

Director of Accountability and Assessment Emily Christensen elaborated on the use of data in the district this year.

“Our ultimate goal was to ensure that all of our teachers were teaching standards to the depth and complexity that is assessed by the state,” Christensen said. “We focused on the synthesis and evaluation levels rather than just knowledge and comprehension.”

“This means we are moving in the right direction with the state’s intended goals for our students,” Crandall ISD School Board President Rick Harrell said. “I hope the families in our district know we are excited to be identified as making substantial progresses, but rest assured we also know we must continue to strive to do even better, That will always be our number one goal.”

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