Crandall opens new elementary school

Amy Noble (left) and Linda Reed are being honored for decades of teaching kindergarten in Crandall. On Sept. 17 a ribbon cutting officially opened Noble-Reed Elementary. 

With a ribbon cutting and gift of flowers for the teachers whose names adorn the school, Noble-Reed Elementary officially opened in Crandall on Tuesday, Sept. 17.

District officials, parents and students attended the ribbon cutting, followed by a reception and tours of the new building led by Noble-Reed students.

Amy Noble and Linda Reed both taught kindergarten in Crandall for decades, and generations of students came last week to honor the two.

“You showed us what good would look like,” said Rick Harrell, a Crandall alumnus who is now the school board president. “We couldn’t ask for a better name. We couldn’t ask for a better set of families. We couldn’t ask for a better school district.”

After cutting the ribbon, the two were presented with honorary keys to the school.

Cane Noble, the son of Amy Noble, told the gathering that teachers are the “unsung heroes” in our society. The two sometimes had to teach as many as 35 children in their classrooms.

“Can you imagine that?” he asked, as his mother and her colleague nodded their heads. Current state guidelines call for 20 to 21 students per kindergarten classroom. 

The two were remembered for starting Crandall’s kindergarten circus, along with a hunt for a gingerbreak man at the start of every school year so their new students could learn their way around the school.

Noble-Reed is the second phase of a $125 million school construction bond project approved by Crandall-area voters. An addition at Crandall High School was the first phase. Next up is the construction of a new middle school in Crandall, as enrollment district-wide is expected to increase by almost 10% during the next 10 years. 

The new campus is located at 2020 Wildcat Trail, north of U.S. 175. The building opened at the beginning of the school year on Aug. 20.  


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