Kaufman girls ran as four teams in the Arlington Sam, Houston All Relays meet last Wednesday.

The varsity “A” girls were second to Fort Worth Dunbar while the junior varsity “A” girls won their meet.

In the 400-meter relay for the varsity “A” girls, Kaufman placed fifth with a 52.42. Team members were Keeleigh Leatherwood, Alexis Wrenn, Kaylee Morrow and Sarah Schell.

Kaufman was sixth in the 800 relay with a 1:52.17. Running were Leatherwood, Wren, Katie Hayes and Schell.

In the 1,600-meter relay, Kaufman fielded two teams. Ellie Galan, Taylor Sandberg, Amanda Rodriguez and Alondra Campa placed fourth in 4:23.73 while Aleisha Ford, Morrow, Leatherwood and Hayes took fifth in 4:27.49.

In the 3,200 relay, Galan, Sandberg, Rodriguez and Campa won with a 10:27.

In the 800 sprint medley, Schell, Wrenn, Morrow and Ford were third in 1:58.56.

In the 100-meter hurdle relay, Ahava Coy, Kylee Sisson, Presley McBride and Caylee Scott won with a 1:14.03.

In the distance medley, Galan, Sandberg, Rodriguez and Campa won in 13:49.33.

Varsity B

400 relay – 6, Katarina Cunningham, Natalie Boyd, Hailey Lisenbee, Payton Kersh, 53.84.

800 relay – 7, Cunningham, Boyd, Lisenbee, Kersh, 1:54.6.

1,600 relay – 6, Taylor Farnsworth, Bianca Antuna, Ahava Coy, Leslie Gonzalez, 4:30.49.

3,200 relay – 2, Gonzalez, Antuna, Farnsworth, Savannah Mitchell, 11:12.

Sprint medley – 5, Antuna, Caylee Scott, Coy, Skyler Walker, 2:04.43.


400 relay – 2, Madison Watson, Jacquelyn Faz, Jewel Santiago, Haley Chalk, 54.59.

800 relay – 2, Watson, Faz, Santiago, Chalk, 1:57.99.

1,600 relay – 3, Yesenia Santacruz, Adia Mackenzie, Faz, Savannah Mitchell, 4:43.

3,200 relay – 1, Mackenzie, Jaira Garcia, Paloma Leos, Calie Treadaway, 11:22.

Sprint medley – 2, Santiago, Chalk, Watson, Santacruz, 2:05.18.

Distance medley – 1, Mackenzie, Treadaway, Garcia, Leos, 14:54.


400 relay – 3, Paola Monreal, Nicole Blevins, Kylee Sisson, Presley McBride, 56.7.

800 relay – 3, Monreal, Avery Gunter, Sisson, McBride, 2:00.92.

1,600 relay – 4, Monreal, Breanna Saucedo, Blevins, Hannah Flynn, 4:55.53.

3,200 relay – 2, Flynn, Marizit Puente, Kairi Oliver, Denise Saucedo, 12:06.

Sprint medley – 3, Monreal, Mitchell, Gunter, Saucedo, 2:10.53.

Distance medley – 2, Puente, Flynn, D. Saucedo, Oliver.

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