Kaufman Chamber of Commerce focusing on membership, events

Doug Aycock with Southwest Chevrolet, left, and Laura Melton with Trinity Valley Electric Cooperative, right, recently held a ribbon cutting at Washington Street Liquor and Cigars to commemorate their membership in the Kaufman Chamber of Commerce. Sales associate Vanessa Hurst and owner Wade Grubbs welcome customers to stop by the shop and say hi. 

This year the Kaufman Chamber is focused on being a catalyst for business growth, as well as the convener of leaders and influencers who make things happen and the champion for a stronger community.

With so much change happening in Kaufman, at its January retreat, the Chamber Board decided to focus on some basics. It’s always good to come back to that to make sure the foundation is secure. The things the Board decided to focus on were membership, marketing and visibility, as well as events and internal operations

The Membership Committee is looking at strengthening our Board member ties to the membership. Part of this will be assessing member needs and perceptions through a member survey late in the year. Additionally, this committee is creating welcome information for both new residents and new members.

Following those lines, the Marketing and Visibility Committee wants to focus on all of our social media platforms while developing video podcasts and an overall marketing plan for the Chamber. So far, the committee has produced and posted “Keepin’ it Kaufman” on both You Tube (also seen at www.kaufmanchamber.com) and the Podcast Platforms. Currently there are four interviews with our members and several more are in the works. On your podcast app, look for the Kaufman K with the headphones, or search for “Keepin’ it Kaufman. “

For Chamber events, the committee is analyzing the ones we have to make sure they are necessary and if they are they accomplishing the goals that are set for them. They are determining if we need to change, eliminate or add events. This evaluation has led to many fantastic ideas, and our member events have benefitted from their scrutiny. Also, the important task of finalizing emergency action plans for our events falls to this group. This was a goal last year, and this year’s goal is to update and strengthen them. There are plans in place now for each major public event that the Chamber has. Preparing together makes for a stronger community.

Within the same lines of preparing for emergencies, the Chamber staff has been tasked with preparing the office with contingency plans and smooth staff transitions.

The chamber staff and board of directors are dedicated to being a catalyst for business growth, the convener of leaders and influencers who make things happen and the champion for a stronger community. 

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