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After a decade of releasing some of the most restlessly romantic soft-pop anthems ever recorded, there are now millions of millennials whose top relationship goal is to find someone to space out to Lana Del Rey with. With material as good as what appears on Del Rey’s Normal Rockwell, it’s no…

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Dark as sin without even a hint of sunshine across its two hours of minimalistic brilliance, Joker is not a film for the faint of heart. As I sat in the theater Saturday night for my second viewing of perhaps the most gripping film I’ve ever seen, I groaned as I saw parents leading their tod…

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From the moment Lover’s lead single “ME!” featuring the nails-on-chalkboard grating voice of Brendon Urie operating as a depressing foil to Taylor Swift’s infectiously endearing charm, I’ve been skeptical of her latest project. To pull such a 180 from the polarizing yet bold reputation seeme…

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Author Paulette Jiles grew up in a small town, lives in a small town and understands the nature of volunteers who tackle so many tasks in the community.

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