On Friday, the Kaufman Lions Club held its first membership meeting since March.

I’ll be honest, I kind of thought to myself, “Do I want to go?” 

I wanted to, but had to consider if it’s safe to do so.

My stomach won this battle. Our meals are catered by Julio’s Market, and eating lunch with the Lions is a fun part of my job, so off I went.

Our meetings are a little different than they were two months ago.

We are gathering at Landmark Church of Christ instead of the Kaufman Library because they have a larger room with more tables, so we can spread out. Also, the Julio’s staff serves us now, instead of us handling spoons in a buffet line. That’s probably a good thing. There was lots of hand sanitizer on hand.  When members gathered at the front of the room to receive membership awards, they stayed six feet apart.

A few of us wore masks in the room. I had meant to, but forgot mine. I will wear it at future meetings.

About 30 people attended. That’s a little smaller than our typical meetings this winter and spring, but in my estimation, a good turnout. We received a thank you from The Center for the $12,000 that Lions and community members raised to help local families in need. This was at the start of the crisis as businesses were shutting down, throwing many people out of work.  Executive Director Richard Dunn said local families will continue to need assistance for the foreseeable future, and his agency will do its best to help them.

The Lions also are trying to salvage a youth baseball season. More on that in an upcoming issue if the baseball committee can make it work.

And finally, I received my results from my coronavirus test, six days after my not-very-fun procedure on May 15. I was negative at that time, but I’m still not attending large public functions. Like almost everyone else, I’m doing what I can to stay healthy and safe right now.

I wish all our readers the best of luck as they try to do so, as well.

Thanks for reading. 


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