Empty shelves

Small businesses and restaurants in Kaufman are growing concerned, but trying to stand strong, as they serve their customers during a time of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Local restaurateurs said business is mostly good, but it will ebb and flow.

“We were dead, then bam, everyone comes at once,” Stacey Flowers, co-owner of My Love’s Diner, wrote in a facebook post on Monday. “This is truly a scary time. It’s not just about the people who own small businesses like myself, it is about the employees that work in our small business. They are our backbones and now they may not have a job to come back to if this continues and the government shuts us down.”

My Love’s Diner will start closing at 3 p.m., and management on Tuesday announced it is only serving to-go meals. The restaurant will post any other changes to hours or service on its Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.

“I am sad for my employees and their families that rely on the wages they earn as a waitress or cook to feed their family,” Flowers added. “They can’t wait it out, they have to work to survive.”

Especially for You Tea Room on Kaufman Square is now offering curbside service.

The restaurant creates sandwich trays and salads to go, which can be used for office lunches. Customers also can purchase a gift card over the phone, and the restaurant will mail it for future use.

“That will help us make our payroll at the end of the week,” said owner Pam Grant.

In downtown Kaufman, both the Mercantile on Grove and Kirby’s Boutique are keeping their regular hours. Kirby’s managers said if customers see an item they like on the boutique’s facebook page, they can call and pay via credit card, and the store will ship or deliver to customers.

Also downtown, Hydrangea House Florist is still keeping the same hours, taking orders by phone and making floral deliveries.

In Crandall, Hot Rodz Diner managers said business has been brisk. Panda Express in Kaufman had a sign on the door reading that the dining room is closed, but pick up, delivery and drive through service is available.

Local grocery stores have been busy over the past days, and toilet paper and hand sanitizer were scarce to non-existent over the weekend. Management at David’s Community Grocery were unable to comment on the situation, kept busy by the large influx of customers seeking supplies in preparation for the coming weeks. Both David’s and Brookeshire’s had plenty of meats, vegetables and other goods on hand, while staffers worked steadily to restock shelves.

The Kaufman Wal-Mart is closing at night for restocking from 11 p.m. to 6 a.m., according to the store website.

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