Protests are underway at the Kaufman County Courthouse, with participants making their voices heard regarding a Confederate Soldier statue which sits in front of the building. 

Approximately 100 protestors have gathered in total. The majority of attendees are in favor of keeping the statue intact. Advocates for the statue are displaying Confederate flags, holding signs, and voicing their opinions to the crowds. Many of these attendees are open carrying firearms. 

Though the protest in favor of removing the statue was cancelled by its organizers, about a dozen wanting its removal have still gathered this morning. These attendees are holdings signs and voicing their opinions as well, with one protestor producing a megaphone to speak to the crowds with. 

The "Kaufman Confederate March" is scheduled to be held at 5 p.m. in front of the Kaufman County Courthouse, but many have already arrived. The event has remained peaceful, and police are standing guard throughout the square.

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