Incumbents lead in county primary

In Kaufman County, this year’s primary elections were all for Republican candidates.

Early results released Tuesday night were from mail-in and early voting ballots.

Incumbent Sheriff Bryan Beavers slugged out a hard-fought campaign against challengers Clint McNear and Mitchum Patterson, in which Beavers called McNear a liar. In early results, Beavers had 8,690 votes, while McNear garnered 2,178. Mitchum Patterson had 844 votes.

The county commission race in Precinct 1 was lower key, with incumbent Mike Hunt campaigning steadily throughout the season. Terry Crow and Emily Norwood challenged him for the seat. Hunt had 1,321 votes, Crow had 586, and Norwood 361.

In Precinct 3, commission candidates are incumbent Terry Barber and Timothy Minter. Barber was ahead in the race with 1,295 votes, while Minter had 483.

The closest early results on Tuesday evening were between the three Republican candidates for 422 District Court judge. They are Cariann Bradford, Shelton Gibbs and Chad Johnson. Results were close, with Johnson taking 3,265 votes, while Gibbs had 3,222 and Bradford had 2,212.

There were two candidates for each of three constable elections in the county.

In Precinct 1, incumbent Shawn Mayfield took on challenger David Rogers. Mayfield had 1,616 votes, while Rogers received 647.

Jason Johnson and Ernesto Zepeda ran in Precinct 2, with Johnson ahead on Tuesday night with 2,060 votes, while Zepeda had 353.

Keith Stephens and Matt Woodall faced off in Precinct 3. Woodall had 1,050 votes, Stephens received 728.

On the Democratic side, Joseph Biden took the lead among voters in the presidential primary in Kaufman County. He had 726 votes, followed by Bernie Sanders with 671, Michael Bloomberg with 522, and Elizabeth Warren with 212.

President Donald Trump took almost all of the 8,877 votes cast, earning 8,133 Republican primary votes.

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