I was heading out of work earlier this month when I saw a group of five young people standing in front of the courthouse holding signs.

Well that’s enough to make a reporter take notice, so I pulled over to take some photos.

They were asking for justice.

Pretty basic stuff.

Later, more and more people joined in, then there were a few people driving by with their Confederate flags waving from their vehicles. 

Both actions are protected by our First Amendment rights to peaceably assemble and express free speech.

I did see a big pickup blast a cloud of black exhaust on the Black Lives Matter folks. Not cool, but in a free country, we have the right to be jerks, as well. I was driving at the time and saw this in my rear-view mirror. The truck was speeding down Washington and pulled up right on my bumper as I was heading south.

Being the sweet person that I am, I slowed down to a really slow speed, signaled a right turn about a half a block ahead, then made the turn into the car wash at about a snail’s pace.

There was a lot of traffic in the left lane, so the young driver wasn’t able to get around my big, slow SUV.

He finally was able to blast past me, blowing another cloud of black smoke.


Anyway, I talked with Kaufman Police Chief Dana Whitaker a few days later, and he said there had been no incidents at either night of the Black Lives Matter rallies, and he wasn’t surprised. 

His officers talked with protesters, and they had thanked them for coming out to keep an eye on events.

Our young people are demanding justice in a peaceful manner. 

Our local police are protecting them. 

These are positive developments.

Please stay safe, and thanks for reading.


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