Letter to the editor: 

I am a retired police officer from Corpus Christi, Texas. I have a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from Texas A&M University and I have 41 years experience in law enforcement.

I am NOT a racist and I believe that most police officers are not racist. I strongly agree that there is a need for the police and people of color to have a meaningful and rational dialog about changing how we police America. I feel just as strongly that there needs to be changes in attitude on both sides of that issue.

I feel that there are people of color who are just as racist as other groups but we should not and cannot make assumptions about each other. We should all put old feelings and stereotypes aside and when people have contact with police officers, we must ALL treat each other with mutual respect.

I think that most humans have varying degrees of resentment of authority figures and we all need to be mindful of that. People need to show respect and be courteous to police officers and police officers must ABSOLUTELY treat all people with the same respect and courtesy.

I think that even in situations where police officers have to arrest someone, they should do so with respect and courtesy. While at the same time the person(s) being detained or arrested should respect the officer’s authority and comply with their requests or commands.

I also believe that when someone doesn’t comply and officers have to use force to make an arrest or stop a crime, people should not rush to judgment. Most people have never been involved in a real fight and have no understanding of what it actually takes for a police officer to overcome someone’s resistance, or more importantly defend themselves when being assaulted.

Sgt. Randy P. Walker

Corpus Christi

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