Pizza Suspects

Four people were arrested and face new capital murder charges in connection with a 2006 double homicide at Pizza Hut in Terrell.

The four defendants, who were indicted Friday, May 1 at the Kaufman County Courthouse, had originally been charged with the killings 14 years ago. The Kaufman County Criminal District Attorney’s Office later dropped the charges, according to Terrell police.

The defendants are Justin Prox, 32, Anthony Holliman, 32, Bianca Newman, 36, and Darius Hubbard, 33, who is currently in prison on an unrelated charge. All are from Terrell, according to Terrell police.

Early the morning of Sept. 3, 2006, two Pizza Hut employees, Patricia Oferoskey and Stephen Mitchelltree, were found dead inside the restaurant, and a lengthy investigation involving multiple suspects ensued. During the original investigation, it was determined that the suspects, some former and some current Pizza Hut employees, planned and carried out a robbery that led to the double homicide, according to Terrell police.

Prox, Newman, Hubbard and Holliman were eventually arrested, each charged with capital murder. Later, however, the district attorney found reason to release them.

For 14 years, the case remained open, pending new leads and evidence, according to Terrell police.

Recently, a team of Terrell police investigators, Texas Rangers and the Kaufman District Attorney’s Office began a thorough re-examination of this case. New technological advances and a fresh investigative perspective allowed the multi-agency team to obtain criminal indictments through the District Attorney’s Office.

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