pickup in house

An unknown driver stole a pickup Friday morning, then crashed it into the home of Cindy Burris, who lives near the corner of Oak and Clay streets.

It was the kind of nighttime experience no one wants to have.

On June 18, Cindy Burris had woken up and was settling back into bed when she heard a crash, then felt her house shake.

Living near a busy intersection, this had happened before, and she almost nodded back off. It was about 3:45 a.m.

Then a man came running into her bedroom.

Now she was awake.

Her daughter, Savannah Hudgens, said her mother asked: "What the hell are you doing in my house?"

The man replied: "I'm trying to get out of your house, ma'am."

He then found a backdoor in Burris's bedroom, wrenched it open, and ran outside, directly into her new vehicle which was parked close by.

That left a human-sized dent.

"Then he was running again," Hudgens said. Burris then walked to the front of the house, trying to figure out how the man had entered, when she saw a pickup hood that had come through an exterior well.

Police, firefighters and EMTs arrived shortly afterward.

It turns out the truck had been stolen from a local firefighter, then used to steal a work trailer from a local landscaping service. The trailer had came off the truck, and the driver apparently sped off, trying to negotiate a sharp turn on Ed Hall Road. He missed, left Oak Street and wiped out a stop sign, hit a tree, then bounced the truck into the house on Clay Street, according to Hudgens.

He couldn't open the truck doors and had to crawl through a window of the vehicle to get out, but the vehicle was inside her mother's house.

Burris was impressed that the thief was polite enough to call her "ma'am," Hudgens said, but that really doesn't help with the situation.

Burris had rented the house for seven years, but it is now unlivable, and she had had to move in with her daughter.

"We can't believe it really happened," Hudgens said. "At least he was nice, I guess."

Police and canines tracked the man, but eventually lost him.

"We have not identified him at this time," Kaufman Police Chief Dana Whitaker said on Monday, noting the investigation is continuing.

Anyone with information is asked to contact KPD at (972) 932-3094, or Crimestoppers at (877) 847-7522. Texts with TIPLINE and a message can be sent to 274637. Information leading to an arrest may be eligible for an award.

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