On May 18, the City of Kaufman swore in three newly elected officials for city council, Lisa Parker, Charles Gillenwater, and Quattro Borders. The City of Kaufman also recognized and honored two council members who were stepping down from their roles as council members. Barry Ratcliffe and Jeff Council both served on the Kaufman City Council since May 2006, serving eight terms each. “They have been dedicated to serving the citizens of Kaufman for the past 16 years and have continued to help make decisions only for the betterment of the City,” a representative of the City of Kaufman stated.

Quattro Borders could possibly be the youngest to serve on the council at the age of 26 years old. “I was excited and I am ready to get to work,” said Borders when he found out he was elected to be on the city council. “I’m looking forward to watching the city grow with the development we have and the stuff that is on the way.”

Borders is a 2014 graduate of Kaufman High School and a 2018 graduate of the University of Houston with a BBA in finance. 

“To the people that voted me in, I’m willing to serve and to learn. I’m willing to help along any conversations or discussions that the council has that will be beneficial,” said Borders.

Both Lisa Parker and Charles Gillenwater have previously served on the Kaufman City Council.

Parker currently serves as a teacher in Kaufman ISD, Gilenwater is the Risk Manager for the City of Mesquite, and Borders works for Borders and Long Oil Inc.

Each  member brings a different perspective from the next that will give discussions diversity and remain inclusive to keep the City of Kaufman’s best interest in mind.

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