7-5-22 Oak and Wilson power line down

7-5-22 Trunk St Crandall Fire Station fill in for Crandall

7-5-22 Kings Fort Parkway medical emergency

7-5-22 W Hickory medical emergency

7-5-22 S Houston fire alarm investigation

7-5-22 Hwy 175 and 243 split vehicle accident

 7-5-22 Hwy 243 East vehicle accident

7-5-22 Circle Drive public assist

7-5-22 Hwy 34 North vehicle accident

7-5-22 FM 1388 and CR 152 burn ban violation

7-5-22 E Grove illegal burn of leaves

7-6-22 E Mulberry medical emergency

7-6-22 Hwy 175 East at city limits vehicle accident

7-6-22 FM 1390 and 4116 vehicle accident

7-6-22 Vista Lane medical emergency diabetic emergency

7-6-22 W 5th St medical emergency

7-6-22 Cates Drive vehicle accident

7-6-22 Hwy 175 at 243 vehicle accident and fire

7-6-22 CR 103 vehicle accident 

7-7-22 FM 1388 past FM 2860 vehicle accident motorcycle with injury

7-7-22 CR 143 medical emergency lift assist

7-7-22 Hwy 175 and 243 assist with traffic control 

7-7-22 E 7th St medical emergency

7-7-22 E 1st North St medical emergency

7-8-22 Washington and Houston vehicle accident

7-8-22 E Mulberry medical emergency

7-8-22 E Hwy 175 fire alarm investigation

7-8-22 E Hwy 175 medical emergency

7-8-22 Hwy 34 N at Lakeview Circle vehicle accident

7-9-22 Hwy 175 at Bud Stoy grass fire

7-9-22 E Hickory medical emergency

7-9-22 Village Drive CO detector sounding 

7-9-22 Dickerson Road grass fire

7-9-22 E Mulberry medical emergency

7-9-22 N Wilson medical emergency

7-9-22 Dickerson Road grass found smoldering fence post 

7-9-22 FM 2578 burn ban violation

7-9-22 Nottingham medical emergency

7-9-22 FM 2727 medical emergency CPR

7-10-22 Janet Circle medical emergency

7-10-22 S Madison fire alarm investigation

7-10-22 Hwy 175 East and CR 166 vehicle accident with injury

7-10-22 sports complex grass fire from brush pile that was apparently set on fire 

7-10-22 Nottingham medical emergency

7-11-22 E 1st North fire alarm investigation

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