Corona virus

As Gov. Greg Abbott and President Trump proclaimed medical emergencies on Friday, local agencies in Kaufman are preparing screening measures and announcing cancellations in response to the coronavirus pandemic. 

No cases have been reported yet in Kaufman County, Judge Hal Richards said on Friday afternoon, but said county staff’s efforts to prepare for the virus are “all-consuming.” Residents will be notified immediately if a positive case is reported here, he added. The Kaufman Senior Centers will no longer serve group meals after next week, but Meals on Wheels will be available to serve senior citizens in need, said Melinda Polk, director of Senior Connect.

Kaufman School District has cancelled all extracurricular events until further notice. Students were being sent home Friday with additional instructional materials before spring break starts next week. If any closures continue after spring break, Kaufman students can use the materials, and ISD cafeterias will provide meals as needed during any school closures after spring break. 

Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Kaufman announced new screening measures on Friday. 

 “These are important steps to take as we focus on the safety and health of everyone – our patients, visitors, caregivers and people throughout the communities we serve,” said Barclay Berdan, CEO of Texas Health. “We think consumers will understand the reason for these measures and will fully support our efforts to control the spread of this virus.”

Gov. Abbott on Friday declared a state of disaster in all Texas counties, authorizing the use of state government resources to help manage the situation. Visitation will be restricted at nursing homes, state-supported living centers, hospitals, daycare facilities, and prisons and justice facilities.

He announced that Texas Public Health Labs can test more than 270 people per day, with more private labs coming on board. The City of San Antonio has the first drive-through testing facility in Texas. 

To arrange Meals on Wheels through Senior Connect, call (972) 932-7002. 

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