Kaufman High School tennis coach Michael Lott has recently been nominated for the United States Tennis Association’s Best of High School Texas Tennis Coaches award. The Kaufman community can vote for Coach Lott via the Kaufman Tennis Facebook Page. You can vote for Coach Lott every day until Aug. 21.

Coach Lott sounded very humbled and grateful when he discussed being nominated for this award.

“It is hard for me to put into words how truly grateful I am for something like this,” Lott said. “When you work with so many great coaches, it truly is an honor to be recognized for something of this magnitude. Just in this county and the surrounding areas, I can think of several who are very deserving of this award. However, there is no way that I could be successful in this job that I do without the people I work alongside, such as Coach Terrie White and Coach Chase Hardin.”

“In addition, Kaufman ISD provides us with the necessary resources to build a successful program, and I am truly grateful for that,” Lott said. “Lastly and most importantly, my wife Jill has always been super supportive of my career despite the many long hours that it requires, and there is no way I could do what I do without that.”

In his coaching tenure so far at Kaufman High School, Coach Lott has helped build a fantastic program. 

In team tennis, which is played during the fall season, Coach Lott has guided Kaufman to the UIL State Final Four on three occasions in 2015, 2016, and 2020. In those years, Kaufman finished third, second, and third in the state respectively.

During the spring season, Coach Lott has led several of his players to the UIL State Tournament. 

The Kaufman Lions players who have reached the UIL State Tournament under the direction of Coach Lott are as follows:

2015: Hunter Foster and Ashleigh Davis—UIL State Champions in mixed doubles.

2016: Jacob Mays and Katy Hall qualified in mixed doubles.

2017: Hollie Hutto qualified in girls singles.

2017: Hall and Jennifer Cordero third place finish in girls doubles. 

2017: Michael Sij and Hannah Garrett third place finish in mixed doubles.

2021: Kayden Lengacher qualified in boys singles. 

2021: Carlos Nunez and Cody Hunter qualified in boys doubles.

2022: Eli Frosch and Hunter third place finish in boys doubles.

2022: Cristian Gutierrez and Lengacher qualified in boys doubles.

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