School started this week, and it was the first time in years that I wasn’t on hand to get a picture of it.

I was planning on going to a local elementary school to get that shot of a cute kindergartener, then I realized, school staffers don’t want outsiders coming into the schools this year.

Well, humph.

So that’s another tradition that will get postponed until 2021.

Some children are attending school in classrooms this fall, while some families chose online learning. I understand the advantages of either choice, and I know it wasn’t an easy process for some families to decide.

It’s weighing risks, and what is the best choice for your kids. It was a discussion between the three mothers at our office, as well. 

Like everything else this year, I imagine resiliency and flexibility will be key. If someone shows up to school with an illness, it could throw a whole classroom out of whack, but I’m not exactly sure how that will be handled.

Wearing masks in the classroom is going OK, according to some moms I have talked with, but it will be a learning process for children to keep their masks on. It’s also hard for children to stay six feet away from each other, and for teachers to maintain distance, as well.

It will be a strange year, and best of luck to us all as we try to follow this unfamiliar path. 

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