Letter to the editor: 

When you see someone wearing a mask out in public, before you assume that they’re “falling for the media’s propaganda”, or “are being stupid and paranoid,” or are “liberals,” please consider:

You don’t know their situation.

I cannot tell by looking at someone what underlying health conditions they could have. I don’t know if their family members are susceptible to the more severe symptoms of Corona Virus, much less if they have insurance and can afford the extreme costs of hospitalization. Even someone who looks young and healthy may work in a nursing home or other similar employment that puts them in close contact with the elderly.


Also, I can’t tell if the stranger I am passing in Walmart has been in contact with someone who tested positive for Corona Virus, and is wearing a mask to be extra cautious out of consideration for my own health.

So, when you pass someone at the store wearing a mask, before you scoff and give them a nasty sneer, roll your eyes, or call over your shoulder, “Corona Virus won’t kill you!” please keep in mind:


1: You can’t tell if a stranger in a mask has a health condition, or lives/works with someone who does.

2: Everyone has the right to protect themselves and their loved ones how they see fit.

3: A stranger wearing a mask to the store affects your life in no way, shape, or form (except making it less likely for you to catch whatever they might have).



Natasha Dare



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