Election 2020

With Kaufman County reporting 48,636 votes cast in early voting in the 2020 election, voters are leaning red in national and state elections.

There are 82,539 registered voters in the county, so this year’s turnout is running at 58.92% in early voting numbers reported by the county at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday.

President Donald Trump garnered 31,791 votes in early voting, or 65.5% of the votes in the county’s presidential race. Democratic Sen. Joe Biden has 16,109 votes in Kaufman County, or 33.19%.

In state races, Republican Senator John Cornyn is leading MJ Hegar in Kaufman County, with 66% of the vote, compared to Hegar’s 32%.

In the District 5 race for the U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Rep. Lance Gooden is also leading against Democratic challenger Carolyn Salter, with 67% of the local vote, compared to 31% for Salter.

The Kaufman City Council has three open seats this year, with Lisa Anthony Parker leading with 935 votes of 3,313 cast, for 28% of the total. Jeff Council is running at second place, with 893 votes for 27% of the votes, followed by Barry Ratcliffe with 856 votes, at 26%. Charles Gillenwater is running fourth with 629 votes, or 19%.

For the Kaufman Independent School Board, there are two open seats this fall.

Drew Peterson received 2,656 votes, or 34% of the ballots cast, followed by Casey W. Becker with 2,554 votes, or 33%. Linsey Bounds Abell has 2,513 votes of the 7,723 votes cast.

In Crandall, there are four candidates for three open seats on the city council. Adam Holden is leading with 816 votes, or 28.4% of the 2,873 ballots cast. He is followed by Tim Atkins, with 740 votes, or 25.76%, and Shannon Barnes, with 669 votes, running at 23.29%. David Lindsey so far is coming in at fourth place with 648 votes, or 22.55% of the votes.

The proposition for Crandall to have a charter form of government is being soundly defeated, with 926 no votes, or 68% of the 1,353 votes, compared to 427 yes votes, or 32%.

In Post Oak Bend, there are three seats available on the city council. Tom Rogers is running first with 173 votes, followed closely by Mike Parker with 172 votes, or 28% each. Alison Storey Novak so far is in third place, with 151 votes, or 24% of the ballots cast. Glenda McMahan has 122 votes, or 19.74%.

As the only candidate, Brandon Coogler garnered 124 votes for the Grays Prairie Council.

Lorenzo Garza is the only candidate for mayor, and Karen Kolacek and Keith Norman took the two vacant council seats.

In the county races, most were decided this spring.

Shelton Gibbs IV won the 422nd judicial district judge seat in a runoff election, while county races were decided in the Republican primary in March. Incumbents Sheriff Bryan Beavers, Assessor Brenda Samples, County Commissioner Mike Hunt and Precinct 1 Constable Shawn Mayfield did not have any Democratic challengers for their offices.

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