I enjoyed photographing some local baseball last week. I’ve been a baseball mom for 17 years, serving as a team mom and assistant coach during the T-ball years, and helping with fundraising and team logistics as my younger son started playing club ball. His first year of high school baseball got cancelled, but he’s hoping to play his sophomore year.

I love the game and missed watching him play this spring, and not being able to watch the Rangers and the Rockies in the major leagues has been a major drag this summer. 

So when I watched those wobbly hits off the tee and little kids trying to figure out where to run, my inner baseball mom came out. I just couldn’t help it.

“Go go go go go!” I hollered, cheering these little guys and girls on. 

I miss the days of when the team snack was more important than who won the game, and actually, the score was kind of a guess anyway.

The Kaufman Lions Club had to deal with some logistical challenges this season, as in, we weren’t sure if we could even have a season. We decided on a shortened schedule. We had to cancel our concession stand, which is a big fundraiser for the club. And two players tested positive for COVID-19 during the season, causing some game changes and schedule juggling. Parents were asked to practice social distancing, and only a few kids were in the dugout at a time. 

Still, the kids got to play, and organizers said parents appreciated just having an activity for their kids, albeit in a shortened format this year. 

I hope our high school athletes can have a fall season this year.

I just wish all of this was over. But that doesn’t seem to be happening anytime soon. 

Oh well, we will mask up, slather on the sanitizer, wave instead of shake hands, and carry on. 

Thanks for reading. 


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