Update: I received my results May 21, six days after my COVID test, and I am glad to say, the results were negative!

We received a short notice from the county last week, announcing there would testing on Thursday and Friday for the COVID-19 virus courtesy of the Texas Department of State Health Services.

Our intrepid reporter, Sam Harmon, went over to the Kaufman Fire Station on Thursday and shot some photos and reported a steady line of people being tested in their cars, but it wasn’t swamped.

Did I want the test?

On one hand, I have no symptoms. On the other hand, as essential workers, we’re trying to keep our office open, but our employees safe at the same time. I don’t want to be coming to work if I have the virus.

I went online to, gave them my name and cell number, and answered some questions about COVID symptoms, which I answered in the negative. Testing was free, but they did ask for my health insurance information.

So I was somewhat surprised when I got a call Thursday afternoon saying they had appointments available Friday, did I want to come in?

What the heck, I said yes. The nice gentleman on the line asked me to do the following: come in an enclosed vehicle, no pets in the car, as few people as possible, bring a handkerchief or mask in case I sneeze, bring my ID, and I would get results via text in four days.

Got it.

I pulled in Friday and made the mistake of rolling my window down when a man in camouflage fatigues approached my car. I’m assuming he was in the National Guard, but since we weren’t supposed to chit-chat, I’m not sure. They checked my identification multiple times through my car window, then I pulled forward into the bay at the fire station. Another man in multiple layers of haz-mat materials told me to roll my window down. He said he would put a swab up one nostril, asked me not to move, then he would test the other nostril. As one friend of mine reported, it felt like he was scraping my brain.

I had read that the test hurts, and it does, but it is a short jab of pain. I had to blow my nose badly after it was finished, and my nose periodically felt weird for about an hour afterwards.

So that was it. I hope I’m COVID free. I’ll keep you posted.

Thanks for reading.

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