To the editor:

I am writing to tell you that contrary to what people are saying that the

Confederate Monument is a symbol of slavery and hatred, the opposite is true. My

great-grandfather, Judge James A. Cooley, who was a pillar of this community, was

one of the men who gave the money to purchase the statue, not to show hatred, but to

honor his father who was killed in the Civil War when my great-grandfather was just

a small boy.

Regardless of which side or what war, honoring veterans who died in wars is

appropriate. We cannot change history, but we can let history be history and move

on. Perhaps some sort of plaque could be put beside the monument explaining that it

was erected out of love and that slavery has no place in society. That way both

sides can be represented.

Jean Ann Ables Flatt has posted something on Facebook telling about the history of

the monument. I don't do Facebook so I haven't seen it, but I've heard that it was


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