Investigators seeking information in attempted murder case

Artist's rendering of the suspect who is described as heavy-set with strawberry hair. At the time of the incident, she was wearing a black hoodie and gold-rimmed glasses.

Investigators with the Kaufman County Sheriff's Office and the Texas Rangers are seeking help identifying a suspect in an attempted capital murder, aggravated robbery and arson case.
On the morning of Tuesday, Oct. 15, the county sheriff's office received a 911 call reporting a residential fire with a person still inside at the 4500 block of FM 148 between Kaufman and Crandall. Working together, a good samaritan and a Crandall fireman rescued the 78-year-old female victim, who was found tied to a chair. The victim was then transported to a local hospital where she was able to provide details surrounding the incident once stable. The victim remains in a guarded but stable condition.
The victim said that she answered her door to find the suspect pointing a pistol at her. The suspect then pushed her way into the house, demanded money, and tied the victim to the chair before rummaging through the house. Before leaving, the suspect set a fire in the kitchen.
At the time of the incident, the suspect was wearing a black hoodie and is described as being heavy-set with strawberry hair and wearing gold-rimmed glasses. Investigators are asking anyone with information to call investigator J. Weisbruch at 972-932-9735, Texas Ranger Matlock at 214-861-2370 or to submit an anonymous tip at 877-847-7522.

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