A protest asking for removal of a Confederate Soldier statue that is located in front of Kaufman County Courthouse has been cancelled, according to a facebook post made by "Kaufman County Democrats," who initially organized the event.

The cancellation appears to be due to safety concerns after the group allegedly received threats. The Kaufman County Democrats' post addressed the concerns, stating "That statue was constructed to intimidate and limit people's access to Government facilities. The threats we have been getting do the same. We cannot in good conscience put our supporters', the police and even the counter-protesters' lives at risk."

Though the protest has been cancelled, some members said they still plan to gather on Saturday. The group also plans to petition for the statue's removal, saying "We will be petitioning the Kaufman County Commissioners to remove the statue, but no public rally."

While the protest to remove the Confederate Soldier statue from Kaufman's courthouse will no longer occur, those that wish for the statue to remain in place have arranged to protest this Saturday. The "Kaufman Confederate March" group on facebook states that they will meet at 5 p.m. at the Kaufman County Courthouse. The group states that "Our Confederate history cannot disappear." 


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Yes there will still be original protesters there to rally for the removal of the statue. It is no longer an official, organized event, but citizens will still be there exercising their first amendments' rights. Its a symbol of hate and has no place near a courthouse that is supposed to represent ALL citizens.

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