Of the 56,68 votes cast in Kaufman County in the 2020 election, 45,372 were made during early voting. Another 3,264 votes were cast by mail, and 8,053 voters came to the polls on Nov. 3.

President Donald Trump carried the county in the presidential race, garnering 37,474 votes, compared to Joe Biden’s 18,290.

The final unofficial results were reported at 10 p.m. on Tuesday night by Assessor Brenda Samples.

There were two board seats open for the Kaufman Independent School District. Drew Peterson received the most votes, with 3,228 or 34.52% of the ballots. Casey W. Becker had 3,117 votes, followed by Lindsey Bounds Abell with 3,007.

For Kaufman City Council, Lisa Anthony Parker won the first of three open seats with 1,141 votes, followed by Jeff Council with 1,055 votes and Barry Ratcliffe with 987. Charles Gillenwater came in fourth with 744 votes.

In Post Oak Bend, Tom Rogers, Mike Parker and Alison Storey Novak were elected to three open seats, while Glenda McMahan came in fourth.

In Crandall, Adam Holden won the most votes for a council seat with 1,013, followed by Tim Atkins with 887. Shannon Barnes won the third seat with 800 votes, and David Lindsey was fourth with 786.

Crandall voters rejected the proposition to convert to a charter form of government, with 1,135 votes cast against the proposal and 518 for.

In the Grays Prairie council election, Brandon Coogler was uncontested for one council seat, and Karen Kolacek and Keith Norman took the other two seats.

Lorenzo Garza ran unopposed for mayor.

In the election for two directors of the Gastonia-Scurry Special Utility District, Ginny Rivers-King garnered 1,683 votes, or almost 30% of the votes cast, followed by Rick Burginger with 1,406. Bill Free came in third with 1,312 votes, and Carole Giddings was fourth with 1,287.

In statewide races, Kaufman County tilted heavily Republican. In the race for District 4 of the Texas House of Representatives, incumbent Keith Bell handily retained Kaufman County with 40,512 votes, or 75% percent of votes cast. Libertarian K. Nicole Sprabary had 13,462 votes.

For U.S. Senate, John Cornyn defeated MJ Hegar with 37,504 votes, compared to Hegar’s 17,401.

For U.S. Representative, District 5, Lance Gooden captured 37,82 votes, while Democrat Carolyn Salter had 16,746 and Libertarian Kevin A. Hale had 1,211.

Complete county results are available online at www.kaufmancounty.net

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