Texas State Parks reopened for day-use only April 20 as part of a broader effort to begin reopening the state of Texas. Visitors have to wear face coverings, stay six feet from individuals outside of their party, and prohibit the gathering of groups larger than five.

I think this is a good move, and think we should start allowing businesses to open, as well. Most of us little businesses on Kaufman Square rarely have more than five customers at a time. We could open, say with only five or 10 people allowed in at a time, and ask them to please wear a facemask or bandana. Most of us are dealing with more people than that when we go to the grocery store, anyway. And those who have compromised immune systems or health issues should continue to remain at home, because that’s just common sense.

According to the press release I received from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, during the state parks closure, staff were cleaning and sanitizing and doing routine maintenance.

Some state parks will not be open at the current time. Park visitors should check the Texas State Parks Alert Map for the latest information about the status of individual parks.

Also, visitors are required to pre-purchase and print day-use permits through the Texas State Parks Reservation System before traveling to a park. Day-use reservations can be made online at or by calling (512) 389-8900.

Visitors planning on coming to a state park are encouraged to bring their own hand sanitizer and face masks. Again, this is just common sense.

Getting outside after a month of being inside is a good thing, in my opinion. No, this shouldn’t involve huge keggers on the lake, it should be a parent or grandparent taking the kids fishing or for a hike. I hope people won’t be stupid and start gathering in huge groups, because that’s going to negate all of the work we have done.

I hope y’all are staying healthy, and thanks for reading.

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