To the editor:

Regarding the rally on the Kaufman Square, on Saturday 20 June concerning the removal of the statue on the column in front of the court house:

Oops, sorry folks, I don’t know why in all this time no one has noticed the lonely sentry at the top of the column is actually facing south. Is he defending the North? Perhaps it's just a little mix up. Unfortunately we won’t know, he is wearing a uniform which cannot be identified as neither Confederate nor Union.

Under the circumstances, it appears the wisest course might be to stay home and stop risking the health of your family, friends and yourselves over a poorly made figure that does not represent either North and South.

Another suggestion, find out who your county commissioner is. Present this problem in Commissioners Court, after all, they will have to decide soon anyway. The courts are moving into a new building conveniently located next to the county jail on Highway 175. Maybe they were going to take the ole boy with them.

Cynthia Long

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