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Wow, what a time to be a reporter! I never thought my first few weeks with the Kaufman Herald would have me covering a worldwide viral outbreak. Every day I’m receiving email updates, conducting interviews, and listening in on conference calls so that I can share the newest information with Kaufman residents. I’ve got to say, it’s exciting and interesting for me! 


While I do enjoy the new challenges that come with working as a reporter, it can feel difficult to relax after hearing about the emergencies we are currently facing. I’m sure many of you have wished you could relax and feel stress free during times like this as well. With that in mind, I would like to share some of my favorite ways to relieve stress, improve my mood, and remain positive! 


 Any time I’m under stress, I can always count on a few tactics to help manage and relieve it. 


The first recommendation may seem obvious, here’s a hint:  “Inhale, Exhale.” 


Just breathe!  


Over and over again I’ve received this advice, and it sure does work! Taking a few minutes to breathe deeply, and exhale slowly has many beneficial effects. I always find myself more calm, focused, and peaceful after taking a little time to be mindful of my breathing. When everything seems chaotic, it’s a very quick and effective way to feel more relaxed. I’m always impressed with how much deep breaths can adjust my mood.  


Another thing I recommend is staying active. If I’m feeling stressed the last thing I want to do is sit still and mull over the same issues! Personally, I enjoy painting. You can do almost anything though, like taking extra time to clean or redecorate a room. The point is, be sure to keep active, and continue to set and achieve small goals. This leaves me feeling accomplished, confident, and refreshed for harder tasks. 


My final tip is to be appreciative for everything good! No matter how minuscule, I try to remind myself how thankful I am for the positive things in my life. It could be something as small as seeing a picture I like, having a sip of my favorite drink, or just being thankful that I’m dry and warm on a rainy day. Taking time to reflect on the good things that we have in our life is important, and often understated. If you’re struggling to think of positives, just imagine taking away things around you! Clothes, shelter, health, and even food and water are certainly things to appreciate! Actively acknowledging the positive things makes me feel happier, thankful and re-energized. 


As we continue to face difficult times in the upcoming weeks, don’t forget to take time to keep your mind feeling fresh and positive. I hope these quick tips help anyone who may be feeling stressed, and encourage everyone to give them a try! 


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