STAR Transit has joined the GoPass app network, allowing riders to purchase monthly and day passes that can be used on fixed routes and STARNow.

Single ride passes are also available.

"Convenience and affordability are important criteria in how we serve our customers," said Tommy Henricks, STAR Transit Executive Director. "The GoPass app is an easy, cashless way to purchase passes."

The app allows users to plan a trip, pay for the pass, and store until ready for use.

Henricks continued, "Riders can securely store a debit and credit card in the app for faster purchases, and can choose from a single ride pass, day pass, or 31-day pass."

A 31-day pass for fixed routes is $48 and a day pass is $3, while the single ride ticket remains at $1. Fixed route trips are free for seniors 60+, veterans and/or disabled riders with a STAR Transit reduced fare ID. Children under 12 also ride free with a fare paying adult.

STAR Transit fixed routes serve Mesquite, Balch Springs, Seagoville, Hutchins and DeSoto.

On STARNow, a 31-day pass is $48. $24 for seniors 60+, veterans and/or disabled riders with a STAR Transit reduced fare ID, a day pass is $3/$1.50 while a single ride pass remains $2 and $1. Children under 12 ride free with a fare paying adult.

Regional Mobility

"We are in the unique position of partnering with DART in many ways," Henricks said. "This is significant for workers who are commuting to their jobs on a regular basis,

and we are proud to be contributing to our region's mobility."

GoPass is not available for demand-response rides. The app is free on the App Store and Google Play.

For more information about the GoPass app, go to www,, email customer service at, or call (877) 631-5278.

About STAR Transit

Founded in 1988, STAR Transit is the fourth largest transit agency in the North Central Texas region and the largest not funded by sales tax.

Revenues are derived from federal and state grants as well as local partnerships with cities, counties and businesses. STAR Transit provides safe, affordable and convenient transportation to the general public, seniors, veterans, and persons with disabilities for access to jobs, healthcare, personal services, retail, and entertainment. More than 100 employees are responsible for providing more than 235,000 rides annually. The agency is headquartered in Terrell. For more information, visit

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