I’m getting used to wearing a mask.

I don’t like it, but hey, if it protects others, and possibly protects me, I’ll live with it. I also remember Dr. Brashear’s advice from when the COVID – 19 virus was first appearing in the U.S. and we were all kind of trying to figure out what in the heck to do.

“Wash your hands,” he said. “Wash them dozens and dozens and dozens of times of a day.” We used that as a headline, and it stuck in my head.

I wash my hands a lot, even my 15-year-old son washes his a lot, and my staff and I are washing hands when we come into the office, and we’re avoiding gatherings as much as possible, within the context of we still have to cover some events and report the news.

I’ve seen lots of griping online about wearing masks. This being a free country, we do have the choice to stay at home – no mask required for that. If we choose to go out, we should wear a mask. It’s pretty simple.

If we do this now, I hope we can avoid another stay-at-home order. That was no fun.

I know I have written this before, but I truly mean it: I hope we can stay safe during these challenging times.

Thanks for reading.

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